Sunday, April 26, 2009

Indian Watch Tower Benchmark geocoin

The Desert View Indian Watch Tower Benchmark is an overlook with a breath taking view at the Grand Canyon. Its PID is GP0593. This coin has a 3-D image of the tower, southwest Indian art, and an Indian basket weave pattern in the background. The backside is art of the setting sun over the Grand Canyon.

You can view the Google Map of the watch tower location at this link.

  • Measures 1.75" diam
  • 3-D images
  • Soft enamel colors
  • Trackable on
  • An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

Australia Northern Territory 2009 geocoin

The inspiration for this coin is the National and Territory Parks located at the Top End of Australia. These are impressive parks with their diverse flora, fauna, spectacular landscapes and the Aboriginal people of this land. The coin features some of the aboriginal names of these parks, the Salt Water Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), and Australia's only stork…the Australian Jabiru (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus).

Many people from all over the world travel to the Northern Territory each year. One of the attractions they come for are the Territory and National parks which are renowned for their wildlife and nature. The four parks noted on the coin are in the “Top End” of the Northern Territory, Australia. Each park is special in its own right as listed below.

Kakadu National Park
Kakadu is a world heritage listed park and has a large number of rock art sites. The park includes wetlands and billabongs which are home to fresh and salt water crocodiles. The park is also home to an abundance of native bird and wildlife including the jabiru.

Litchfield National Park
This park features numerous waterfalls which cascade from a sandstone plateau called the Tabletop Range and magnetic termite mounds.

Nitmiluk National Park
The spectacular Katherine Gorge is in Nitmiluk National Park. There are13 gorges in the park. The National Park is rich in Aboriginal art, with rock paintings representing the spiritual 'dreaming' of the Jawoyn people, the traditional owners of the land. More than 100 kilometers of walking tracks meander through the National Park including a five-day trek to Edith falls.

Tjuwaliyn State Park
It encompasses many unique ecosystems, including Douglas hot springs and spectacular gorges, making it a fantastic spot to camp and bushwalk.

Black-necked Stork/Jabiru Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus
The Black-necked Stork, or Jabiru, is the only stork found in Australia. Standing at a height of 129 - 137 cm, with black and white body plumage, glossy dark green and purple neck and massive black bill, it is easily distinguished from all other Australian birds. The legs are long and coral-red in colour. The female is distinguished by its yellow eye. Immature birds resemble adults, but the black plumage is replaced by brown and the white plumage is duskier.

Saltwater Crocodile
Saltwater, or estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), is the largest of all living crocodilians and reptiles. It is found in suitable habitat throughout Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, and the surrounding waters. Saltwater crocodiles are known in the Northern Territory of Australia as "salties". The Alligator Rivers are misnamed after the resemblance of the "saltie" to alligators as compared to freshwater crocodiles, which also inhabit the Northern Territory.

  • Measures 1.75" diam
  • Translucent and solid hard enamel colors
  • Trackable on
  • An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

Compass Rose 5th Anniversary geocoin

2009 is the fifth year of the official Compass Rose Geocoin™. This coin celebrates the anniversary by incorporating design aspects of all five years into one coin. It also adds one more special feature of an actual working magnetic compass. This is the first geocoin to have a working compass. Each coin has been given a special theme for navigation achievements world wide. We also added a black nickel Compass Rose Geocoin™ representing Black Sea navigation.

This is the first year we have designed a Compass Rose Geocoin that was not based on an actual compass rose used in navigation. Instead, the front side has a blend of designs for all five years of the previous Compass Rose Geocoins. Since this coin is introduced before the official 2009 Compass Rose Geocoin™, the fifth year design aspect is only slightly revealed. The backside shows the perils encountered when navigating the seas without good navigation tools such as the compass. From the belief of sea monsters and sirens, to storms and running aground or sinking, open water sailing was the most dangerous occupation of the time.

Read more about it at

  • 2" diameter and 7mm thick. Its thickest point is 10mm.
  • Imitation hard enamel translucent colors and solid colors.
  • Working compass
  • Trackable on
  • An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mallorca Geocoin 2009

Mallorca 2009 Geocoin

- 1.75 x 1.5 Zoll
- Hard Enamel Farben
- 3 D-Darstellung der Mallorca Kathedrale
- Farbige Gestaltung der Mallorca Regionen
- Trackbar auf mit eigenem Icon:

Dieser Geocoin wurde anlässlich des MallorGeo 2009 in Paguera designed.
(Die Version Two-Tone Foggy Gold / Antik Silber wurde nur auf dem Event verkauft)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

COO COO for caching geocoin

A rather "Coo-coo" coin! The Coo Coo bird has found a nice ammobox, filled with coins and TB'es! Available in gold, silver and black nickel. American designed coin. Trackable with own icon. Measurements: 50 * 40 * 3 mm. (2 inches on the longest side).

Grenlandsmafiaen Telemark Norway 2009

Great coin from Norway. Grenland is a region of Norway, and has nothing to do with Greenland :). The front shows a ship, passing one of the locks in the extensive canal system. The back is a map of the canals. Available in silver and copper. Very limited edition.

Geo Achievement 100 Hides

Geliefert in einem Etui aus dunkelblauem Samt eignet sich dieses Set besonders als Geschenk. Die Geocoin ist trackbar bei mit einem eigenen Icon.

Micro Compass Rose Geocoin

Die CoinsAndPins Micro Compass Rose (Aluminium) ist eine weitere Version eines Travel Bugs, bei trackbar mit eigenem Icon. Den 'activation code' gibt es bei

Remembrance Geocoin

The Remembrance coin is designed in honor of those who we have loved and lost too early. The coin is 1.6” with a pendant loop at the top so it can be worn, features 3D hands forming the shape of a heart and surrounding a heart cutout, and is trackable at .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cachin Moms Geocoin

Dimensions: 1.5" (38mm)

2D/3D: 2D front/back

Thickness: 3.0mm

Finish: Antique Silver

Enameling: Imitation hard enamel

Trackable: Yes, on

Unique Icon:

It's in your Blood Geocoin

Dimensions: 1.5" (38mm)

2D/3D: 2D front/back

Thickness: 3.0mm

Enameling: Imitation hard enamel

Trackable: Yes, on

Unique Icon:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chinese Lantern

This was a coin I was looking to produce for the Chinese New Year but I was presented anther design that I could produce in time while I worked through the details on this coin. The coin has multi level which show through the enamel. The 2nd level is the wire frame you would traditionally have in the lantern. The black nickel version has glow enamel but you can still see the 2nd level. I far as I know this is only the second coin with a dangler. The dangler helps continue the authentic look of the coin.

The Chinese translates to: Front - "if a person has ambition, things will be accomplished". Back - "Strike while the iron is hot"

Size: Coin - 41.5mm x 45mm Dangler - 4.8mm x 32.5mm
Editions: Silver, Copper and Black Nickel
LE- Gold
Designed By: Mike Atwell & Jackalgirl
Special Features: Second coin ever with dangler. Dangler also has gems.
Icon: *When sales reach 250

Cache Effect 2009 - Purple Edition

This Limited Edition purple on black nickel coin is 45mm diameter x 3.0mm thickness in imitation hard enamel and soft enamel paints. It's trackable on with a custom icon.

Quigley Jones 2009

This 50mm wide trackable geocoin was designed for Quigley Jones in Vancouver, BC. It is translucent photo etch design with antique silver framing which is embellished with ropework. Die casting zinc alloy is used along with photo etching to create this lovely effect. The coins are only available in this one version. This coin has a custom translucent sailing schooner icon too!

Happy Easter 2009 Egg

Happy Easter 2009 Egg - Celebrate Easter and enjoy spring with this fun geocoin. A loop on the front of the car allows you to connect this coin with the Easter Bunny Express. Both coins are trackable and were customer inspired.

Size: 30mm x 3.5mm

This coins is Trackable on with its own Icon.

Easter Bunny Express

Easter Bunny Express - All aboard for geocaching this Easter! This fun coin features a loop at the back so that it can be connected to the Easter Egg Car. Both coins are trackable and were customer inspired.

Size: 38.7mm x 3.5mm

This coins is Trackable on with its own Icon.

World Ploughing

This beautiful coin was made to commemorate the World Ploughing Championship that will be held in New Zealand next year. The World Ploughing Organization is dedicated to finding ways to provide food for a growing world population and to fostering goodwill among nations. So whether you have dedicated your life to working the land or you are simply grateful for the food you eat, this well-crafted coin will make a great addition to your collection.

This is a Customer Inspired Design. 42mm x 3.5mm.

Trackable at and has its own icon.