Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caching Through The Snow #4 Geocoin

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2008 Alaska Geocoin

GeocacheAlaska! is proud to announce the release of the 2008 Alaska geocoin. We got started so late on the 2007 Alaska geocoin that it eventually morphed into the 2008 coin and we decided to release it early to make your holiday shopping easier.

You can get them HERE.


Originally these were going to be sold in 100 count lots to personalize. The price is based on production of 1000. The price is as follows (and I think you will agree it is good pricing): \

100 pcs - $5.00 each
50 pcs - $6.00 each
25 pcs - $7.00 each
For more information go HERE .

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kuntry Kashing Geocoin

Hogwild Stuff wrote;

This coin took some serious work to get into production. The first version had language that was maybe PG-13, but it needed to be no worse that PG. This coin was designed by Derschlings and then the community contributed to the various sayings on the back of the “house”.
There are several models of this “house”. Dershlings will have some limited edition coins (Artist Editions) of them. Initially Hogwild Stuff is offering about 200 each of the Antique Silver and Antique Gold coins.

You can get them HERE.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bronze GeoBonefish Geocoin by [D]22

You can get them HERE.

Chirstmas coin at Geoswag

Geoswag has a few new Christmas coins;

  • Candycane
  • Holly Christmas Ornament
  • 2007 Signal Christmas
You can get them HERE.

Enigma Geocoin

The Caching Place wrote;

Mars Bars coin design, we knew we wanted to get involved!! Dave Mars, a geocacher from the UK, who designed this coin, has encrypted a secret code on the coin. It's up to you to "break" the code!! The coins turned out beautiful and are done in two-toned metals, trackable at with a custom icon! We have produced 250 regular edition coins and 25 limited edition coins. There will be 8 Antique Bronze/Chrome LE coins awarded as prizes in a random drawing of all correct entries submitted before Jan 26, 2008. The first individual to "break" the code will receive one of each versions of the coin as their prize.
This coin has been produced as a tribute to British and Allied forces cryptographers who worked at "Station X", Bletchley Park, England. Please note, depending on demand, we reserve the right to mint additional regular edition coins. Only 25 of LE coins will ever be minted.

You can get them HERE.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


You can read more about how to pre order one of these coins HERE.

First To Find Christmas Geocoin

They are 1.75" in diameter and 3mm thick. They are Black Nickel plated Imitation Hard Enamel with a Glitter Star and feature a loop so you can hang them on your Christmas Tree.

You can get them HERE.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Après Cache Geocoin

You can get them HERE.

Landsharkz 2007 Christmas Snow Globe Geocoin

Landsharks wrote;

The magical combination of glittery snow in the clear epoxy make this snow globe look like it's just been gently shaken. The base is a combination of polished filigree and recessed black nickel to look like an old Victorian snow globe base. The front features the three wise men navigating toward the Star of Bethlemen and says 'Searching for the Perfect Treasure'. This text will be in black nickel on the final version. The back of this coin expresses a fond Christmas sentiment: 'While searching for your treasures Don't forget to ponder, The special reason for the season, Filled with good and wonder'Have a wonderful Christmas Coin is 2" (50mm) tall and 42mm wide!

You can get them HERE.

New Tiki's Comming Soon

Geo Tiki wrote;

The series is made up of 4 tiki coins that fit together like puzzle pieces, and each of the 4 will be cast in both sterling silver (edition of 10) and bronze (edition of 200). The first coin is called "The Stubborn Stone"

For more information please go HERE.