Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everglades National Park Geocoin

Hogwildstuff wrote;

This is number 9 in the series. The round coin features a Manatee on one side and a White Heron on the other. The Stamp coin is based on a 1947 $.03 US Stamp.There are also Manatee Pins available. They can be added to the purchase of the round coin for $.90 as a set. You will see an option to add these on the lower left side of the order page.

You can get them HERE.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Road Tortoise and Hare Geocoin

Geoswag wrote;

Tortoise and Hare Silver Geocoin. This is a Customer Inspired Design. Are you the Tortoise or the Hare? 1.5" Geocoin. This Geocoin is trackable at geocaching.com and has its own icon.

You can get them HERE.

Grab Bag, Halloween Edition

Geoswag wrote;

This Halloween Grab Bag has at least 3 Trackable Geocoins, 1 Non-Trackable Geocoin and 1 Geopin.
The Halloween Grab Bag includes at least 1 *premium* Geocoin. This might include the Trick or Treat or the Dragon ROT 13 Spinner, or the iCache Geocoin.
Not only do the Halloween Grab Bags include at least 3 Geocoins, you may get other Geoswag items and Samples as well.

Only 100 of these Grab Bags were made.

You can get them HERE.

Lost Treasures Series-Fire Salamander v1

exoticskin wrote;

Coin will be gold with red embedded crystals on the front and glow in dark stripe on back. Girona fire salamander was found on Galleass Girona which sank in 1500s. Believed to be a good luck charm.

You can get them HERE.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

2007 Wisconsin Geocoin

Wisconsin Geocaching Association wrote;

Another official Wisconsin Geocaching Association geocoin!
Coins will be 1.75" diameter brass coins with a satin gold finish, 3 soft enamel fill colors on the front, and imitation hard enamel with 10 opaque and 2 translucent colors on the back. They will be shipped with a protective plastic sleeve and will be trackable at geocaching.com.

You can get them HERE.

First Greek Geocoin

Geocoinshop wrote;

First Greek Geocoin

- 1.5 inches diameter (app. 38 mm); 3 mm thickness

- frontside: 3D

- created by a group of Geocachers from Greek

- trackable with its own icon

- Prefix: GR

You can get them HERE.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Navy Seabee Geocoin

CoinsandPins wrote;

The name Seabees was derived from their acronym "CB" which stands for Construction Battalion. "We Build, We Fight" is the translation of their official motto "Construimus Batuimus".
The Seabees were created in 1941 right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Initial recruitment came from civilian construction employees since construction skill was a priority for the units. During WWII they performed their duties on more than six continents and over 300 islands. Construction started right after the Marines cleared the areas and they would build entire facilities such as warehouses, housing, roads, runways, bridges, and hospitals to name a few. These military compounds were essential for support to the Marines, Army, Navy, and other military units which would occupy the areas.

You can get them HERE.

MAGC-Airborne Chapter Geocoin

n8turgrl wrote

This coin is the product of several geocachers coming together with one goal. That goal was to create a coin that would represent the Airborne Chapter geocachers of the MAGC (Military Association of Geocachers) as well as all branches of the military. With the help of coinsandpins we were able to come up with this beautiful coin.

You can get them HERE.

Frozen Buns Personal Geocoin

If you act quick you can pre order one of these by emailing Frozen Buns.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pirates of Harriman IV Geocoin

Geoswag wrote;

This beautiful and ornate silver and antique copper two-tone coin is shaped like a hinged piece of drift wood. The front features a pirate skull with a green jeweled dagger between his teeth. The back features a ship with the wording: Pirates of Harriman 4, Cache to World's End. Each coin is trackable on geocaching.com with its own individual icon.

You can get them HERE.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tranquility Geocoins

CastleMan wrote;

NEW Tranquility Geocoins
2” x 3.5mm round in 6 different LIMITED Editions (Antique Nickel, Nickel with Copper Two Tone, Copper with Nickel Two Tone, Red Passion, Blue Is My World, and the Ultra Black and Gold Two Tone) Imitation Hard Enamel with translucent enamel and deep, rich dark enamel fills. There are so many details in these Geocoins you can stare at them all day and probably not find all of the “HIDDEN” treasures. Each is sure to please. I will have better pictures on the site tomorrow evening (PM PACIFIC TIME ZONE).

You can get them HERE.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Team Geocaching - Hockey (Landsharkz Personal)

Landsharkz wrote;

This is our Team Geocaching - Hockey Geocoin personalized with our caching name and number 7. There were only 15 sets minted. $10.00 from each set will be donated to our local Fireman's Boot Fund.

You can get them HERE.

Gizmo Geocoin

Landsharkz wrote;

This is a creative rendition of the Davison's Cayenne Gizmo. Every detail is there... right down to the logo on the wheel caps! This car coin is 58mm in length and minted in 5 finishes - we have two for sale: polished nickel both sides with translucent silver paint andpolished gold on the front with translucent silver paint and two tone polished nickel/polished gold on the back.

You can get them HERE.

JR20 Flaming Pool Ball Geocoin

JR20 wrote;

Finally my younger son, JR20's coin is available for purchase. It can be purchased at Cointracking. For every individual coin and coin set purchased $1.00 will be donated to the Humane Society of York County Animal Shelter.

You can get them HERE or HERE.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Eureka Geocoin

Geocoinshop wrote;

Eureka Geocoin (by Thueml + Simone)

- 1.75 inches diameter (app. 44.5 mm); 3 mm thickness


- Two Tone (Antique Silver / Antique Gold)

- outer part Black Nickel

- trackable with its own icon

You can get one HERE.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2007 Iowa Geocoin

AP and I have worked long and hard to bring a new Iowa Geocoin to the geocaching community. We have kept the overall price extremely close to 'actual cost' to keep the coin available at a rock bottom price. Our intent is not to make money, but simply to provide a new Iowa Geocoin for the geocaching community.COIN STATS:SIZE: 1.75" X 3mmMETAL: CopperTRACKABLE: www.geocaching.comCUSTOM ICON: YESCOST: $6.50 eachSHIPPING: 1 coin = $1.75 2 coins = $2.00 3-4 coins = $2.50 5-6 coins = $3.00 7-8 coins = $3.50 9-15 coins = $4.95 COMMENTS: This is a nice heavy quality coin being minted by oakcoins. Each coin will also have epoxy and laser engraved numbers.If you would like a 2007 Iowa Geocoin(s) please go here: http://www.iowageocachers.org/sale_items.php The pre-order sale ends 10/31/07 (in 2 weeks). You can see a photo of a sample coin on the order page.

October Grab Bag

Hogwildstuff wrote:

If you liked the food cartons full of coins you will love this October, Halloween grab bag. It has 9 different trackable coins. Most of these designs have never been included in a grab bag. There is no more than one duplicate design and no duplicate finishes. In addition there is a pin 5 pack in each bag, with 5 different pins (designs or finishes). If you were to purchase theses coins and pins from the website individually you would pay more than $82.00 Here are some of the coins you might find in the bag: Mama Cache (one in every bag), West Virginia, Nebraska, Deloreme Challenge and more.Most won't come with the pumpkins on the outside, since the is not sticking very well.

You can get them HERE.

Great Texas Round-up Geocoin

Hogwildstuff wrote:

The Geocoinfest Multi's have come and gone. The Texas event sponsored by Mama Cache & Mustang Joni had their own event coin. There were a few left over. When these are gone that will be it.

You can get them HERE.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

USA Bumper Sticker Geocoin

Geoswag wrote:

USA Bumper Sticker(United States)Geocoin.
The coin is 42mm x 3.5mm thick. Each coin is trackable on geocaching.com with its own individual icon.

You can get them HERE.

République Française France Geocoin

Geoswag wrote;

F (République Française France)Geocoin.
The coin is 42mm x 3.5mm thick. Each coin is trackable on geocaching.com with its own individual icon.

You can get them HERE.

USA Geocoin by Jamie of Madhatters Neverland

USA Geocoins wrote:

This is the first in a series of "USA Geocoins by the Artist"This beautiful coin was designed by the well renowned coin artist Jamie at Madhatters Neverland
USA Geocoins surveyed coin buyers to ask what coin artist they respect the most and Jamie was one of the top mentioned artist. We have contacted several other artist that have said they would also be contributing to this project.

You can reserve some HERE.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Abomination Book Geocoin

Geocoin Store wrote:

A coin based on a great new book "Abomination" by Colleen Coble. The coin's design is as engaging and intense as the book is to read! Antique silver finish highlights the great detail in this coin and the blood-red translucent enamel sets an eerie tone. The coin is powdered with mysteries to solve - just like the book!

You can get one HERE.

Glow TUITs Geocoin

Geocoin Store Wrote:

Chris Mackey is the original designer of this coin and asked if we wouldn't mind making some for him in a glow in the dark scheme. So we did and they looked so incredible we decided to mint a run of these radiant beauties for the public. These look as hot in the daylight as they do charged up at night. The bright yellow blasts off the black nickel background almost as well in the light as in the dark!

You can get one HERE.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween 2007 Geocoin

This geocoin features a classic gargoyle atop a tombstone - and, on the reverse is a rather nouveau Vampyre with a luminous glowing moon. They chose a more modern theme, something a little unique for their contribution to the Halloween genre. Translucent enamels frame the front and back designs, along with glow enamel for the moon. The coin measures 1.75" tall and has a 3D front, 2D reverse and is done in Translucent imitation hard enamels, and glow enamel. It is trackable with its own Icons.

You can get them HERE on the 17th.

Solvognen event Geocoin

I don't know much about these coins but I think they were made for an event in Denmark. I am not sure when but I believe only 300 where made. Not sure on the size but they are trackable with their own icon. They are for sale for 18.00USD plus 5.00USD for shipping. For more information or to purchase please send an email to: peter.lindemann.dk@gmail.com

Trick or Treat Geocoin

This is the Trick or Treat Glow in the Dark Geocoin. This geocoin is from a customer inspired designed with Gridlox taking control to make this one awesome Geocoin. It has a Gold or Nickel Finish. Each purchase will also includes another random Trackable Geocoin, Trick or Treat!

You can get them HERE.

Fair Winds

The maker of this coin is now taking reservations, for more information please visit the thread HERE.

Vegas Gamblers personal geocoin

The front of the coin has a replica of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign with their geonick in it. The lower left shows "777" to represent slot machines and the lower right is a roulette wheel. Both of these are some of the games that they play in Vegas. The back of the coin represents their favorite game to play, Craps. The dice are tumbling across the table as if they had just been tossed.
Pictured are the Black Nickel and the Nickel. There will also be a Gold version. The only change from the pic is that the BN will have lighter blue writing below their name to help the wording show up better. The coins will be $8.50 each with $1.50 shipping, U.S. and Canada. $2.50 for Internatioinal shipping. Order more than one coin and shipping will be .50 cents more for each additional coin.
How to purchase;
Send an email to: vegasgamblers@wi.rr.com with the below information.
Geocaching name:
Real name:
Paypal email address:
How many of which coin: Black Nickel, Nickel, Gold

CinemaBoxers 10th Anniversary

Paula and Jim are celebrating their 10th Anniversary and to commemorate this Paula designed another geocoin. This geocoin featurs their trademark Boxer along with a number of additional design elements. The coins are 1.75” x 3.5mm cast in three separate sections and then crafted together. The geocoins are trackable at Geocaching.Com and come with unique icons.

AVAILABLE MONDAY October 15th between 4 and 6 PM Pacific Time.

You can get them HERE.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Declan of Atwell Family

Declan has been waiting patiently for his coin and his dad is proud to say I finally figure out how to use both sports and designs with the same cut-out. Unlike other cut-out coins both sides look like they are the front and fit the cut-out. Most of the enamel will be translucent with a variety of texture on the recessed areas.

You can reserve one HERE.

Early Halloween Geo Bash 2007

Some Early Halloween Geo Bash 2007 coins are for sale. The coin is 1.5" trackable with the event icon, shaped and has glow in the dark colors. The coins coming in Antique Silver, Bronze and Antique Copper. There were 40 in each metal made. The coins are $10 each plus shipping which will be $1 a coin.
If you want one, email SonofCyclops@tmrl.net

Friday, October 12, 2007

Noel Jeeps - Last chance!

Based on the THX4TC Jeep, The Noel Jeep adds the Holiday Joy. Because this is a Holiday coin this coin will only be offered as a pre order, they will only make enough to cover the preorders, this coin will not be a stock coin. Preorders to run until Oct. 15th Coin expected first week of November.

You can get them HERE.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

COIN STATS: ROUND Size: 1.5” Imitation Hard Enamel Thickness: 3 mm Metal & Quantity: 100 Nickel Trackable: Yes, www.geocaching.com Icon: Yes, Geotoids Activation Codes: www.coincodes.com Unique Features: 2-D depiction of a Geotoids container with the coin code and trackable at Geocaching.com. The backside is bare metal and has the geocaching logo.

You can get them HERE.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2007 All Season Caching Spring Geocoin

Many of you may have seen the 2006 series, this is the second in the 2007 four coin series. This coin is Black Nickel and 200 were made. The coins will ship in two weeks.

You can get one HERE.

Mama Cache Personal Geocoin

If you have ever cached with Mama Cache you will find it to be an amazing entertaining experience. She will make you laugh, maybe even so hard you will cry. The other thing you will find is that if you find 10 caches you will have 20 things to find, because well . . . . hmm she likes to leave things behind which need to be found again! GPS's, sunglasses, backpack, water bottles, keys, swag bags, pins, hats and I even heard a rumor that she once lost her daughter at a cache.

You can get them HERE.

Geocoinfest Coin and Pin set

This is the Geocoinfest coin that was designed and produced by Landsharkz for the Multi Geocoinfest Events that were held in 24 locations around the world on October 6, 2007. This coin is engraved 'GEOCOINFEST' where other events had their location name. Minted in polished gold with translucent paints this mosaic coin really shines! The prefix is EV and the icon is a smaller image of the mosaic sun.

You can find them HERE.

Monster Cache Geocoin

This coin was produced for the second Team Roboknight Halloween event. Along with the theme for the event we produce a matching coin. The haunted house has many areas that are glow in the dark from the gps the various monsters are holding to the glowing eyes of the extremely large owl on the back.. SPOOKY coin Notice the icon on one of the tomb stones on the back of the coin its the Roboknight Mystery Geocoin icon we had to add that to the coin somewhere. The special feature this year is the bat that will be attached to the tree with wire and dangle from the branch.

You can get them HERE.

Hector's Dolphin Geocoin

This is the second geocoin in the Marine Mammal Series. This coin depicts the Hector’s dolphin which is the smallest dolphin in the world and a native species to the New Zealand coastline. Due to conservation efforts in the 90’s the population of the Hector’s dolphin has increased with numbers exceeding 7,000 today. A portion of the sale of this coin will be donated to the New Zealand World Wildlife Foundation.

You can get them HERE.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Geocoin Nerds

The Geocoin Nerds is a group geocoin project based on the Nerdscandy creatures, and is similar to the GW5 chicks. The nerds will measure 1.25 inches and 2mm thick. Nerds can be ordered in sets of 50, and each set can be customized with an enamel color of your choice, as well as an engraving/numbering of your choice. Each group member can choose a color and can personalize their set of nerds with their name/numbering. The Nerds will be non-trackable and will cost $2 per coin. The price includes your choice of hard enamel, glitter or glow in thedark (and maybe translucent). Each set of 50 nerds may be divided into two color/metal schemes, but ideally no two people in the group will have the exact same color nerd as someone else.The metal choices are Shiny Nickel, Black Nickel, or ShinyGold.I have set up a yahoo group for everyone involved in the project.

You can get more information HERE.

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Surfboard

Three new Surfboard Geocoins just hit Geoswag. Each Surfboard comes with its own Icon!

Three different Surfboards with three different icons!

They have only made 250 of each of these coins and will not be remaking them.
The size of this coin is 45mm.

You can get them HERE.

European Series DK and NL

Each Geocoin in this series represents a different country in Europe. They have 2 new ones out this week:

Geocoin - NL (Nederland Netherlands)
Geocoin - DK (Danmark Denmark)

Each coin will have 2 different versions. The regular version is white and the Limited Edition is Glow. The Limited Edition Geocoin is limited to 250 Geocoins.

Each coin is 42mm x 3.5mm thick. Each coin is trackable on geocaching.com with its own individual icon.

You can get them HERE.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great Geo-Pumpkin (New Mystery Geocoin)

I don't have much info about the coin except its a mystery coin, great looking design with glow in the dark eyes and a mouth.
You can read more on it HERE.

Custom Geocoin Binders

Its not a new geocoin but looks to be a very useful item for geocoin collectors; There is one binder custom made for Geocoins in sizes from 26mm - 51mm and will hold 70 geocoins. They also have another binder that is designed to hold folks growing collections of Pathtags, MicroCoins, GeoTags, CacheTags, and Wooden nickels. This binder will hold 116 coins. The coins fit snug and secure and can be viewed from both sides behind a clear sliding cover. Each binder is priced at $19.99 and there are quantity discounts available on their website.

You can get them HERE.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

'Geocaching around the Planet', Singapore 2007

This is the fifth coin in the series 'Geocaching around the Planet'. It is part of his crazy plan to find a geocache in each of the 192 countries of the planet. I'm well on my way since I have found a geocache in 26 countries already...still quite a few to go!

You can get them HERE.

Poker Party - Group Project

Poker chip type coin1.5"3mmTrackable w/icon(still working on icon design)Choice of either gold or nickel finishChoice of 2 colors, 1 for outer ring spaces, and 1 for inner circle( may be left recessed metal)Space for geonickAnd space for caching birthdateThe min. order will be 20 coins at $5.50 each plus $9 flat rate shipping (most will go priority box)

For more information visit this thread or emal: projectcoins@tntgeocoins.com

2008 Pay It Forward Nominations

With the success of the 2007 Pay It forward project, and the 2008 coins in our hands it is time to open up the project once more to nominations and trades.300 coins have been minted, 250 in a nickel finish, these coins can only be obtained by being nominated or volunteering for the project. 50 Limited Edition Gold coins are available for trades, or prizes at an event.If you know of someone who gives back to the community (that does not only mean the GCing community they could volunteer in other areas of their life, or give back in some significant way) Please email pif.nominations@gmail.com, to help keep track of the nominations only names sent to this address will be considered to receive coins.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Landsharkz Gecko

Featuring beautiful tribal and mosaic art by Chris of the Landsharkz... bright translucent enamels contrast against the black nickel to produce a stunning effect. Photos do not do this coin justice! This coin is 42mm and 3.5mm thickness with the trackable wording on the edge of the coin in French and English. You can get them HERE.

Schleswig-Holstein Geocoin 2007

1.5 inches diameter (app. 38 mm); 3 mm thickness
- created by a group of Geocachers from Schleswig-Holstein
- trackable with its own icon
You can get them HERE.

Mama Cache- It's a wonder - TRADE ONLY

Gold Imitation hard enamel. 60 minted. Nontrackable available in Copper with epoxy and sequintial numbers. Trade only on these editions. You can set up a trade HERE.

Black Toxic Dragons

This is 3rd in the series. LE versions have a translucent ring of toxic ooze. For this coin the RE and LE Black nickel will be done in Shiny Nickel. Other LE still in copper. You can get them HERE.